Short Film Theatre: Das Clown

Friday, May 22, 2009
Take a seemingly-sweet tale about an old man and a beloved clown doll that comes to life: mix in the elementary school film-strip style (complete with narrator), and apply a liberal dose of over-the-top weirdness and murder, and what do you have? Das Clown, that's what!

The short film was the creation of director Tom E. Brown, whose film production company, Bugsby Pictures has a website almost tototally lacking in content, but displaying the most awesome motto ever: Making movies like your mom used to make.

(Bonus random fact: Blues Traveler frontman and harmonica virtuouso John Popper provided the narration for the eight-minute film.)

Pseudonym: Don't I have, like, veto power or something? Jesus...

Eldritch: Do you suffer from Coulrophobia? Gosh. Well, today's post on Cake Wrecks probably isn't the best choice, either.

Pseudonym: I wouldn't say I suffer from it. Or that it's a fear, really. I'm not scared of them trying to eat my brains or watch me while I dream, but I do hate them and their insulting assumption that I should find them funny.

Though I've never seen It. Maybe if I did, I could convert the hatred to fear. (And then to anger, and then to the Dark Side. I've always wanted Lightning Powers.)


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