About Weaselsnake

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Weaselsnake is a group blog, authored by Eldritch and pseudonym.

Below each post, we will include our commentary on the link: a freewheeling discussion of the links and the topic and whatever comes to mind. More than just comments, the author commentary is just as important to the blog as the original post. Each authors' comments are set off by a box and their profile image (which you can see in sidebar).

Weaselsnake covers whatever interests us: media, technology, culture, you name it. Sometimes we'll delve into a topic that we find interesting, researching the backgroud and giving lots of links. Or we'll toss up the latest rant on the general state of the world. And of course, what blog would be complete without links to funny images, amusing video clips, and wacky uses of technology?

One technical note: The formatting and styling of Weaselsnake doesn't work very well with Internet Explorer. Don't use it. Ever. Here's a link to Firefox.