Overheard in a Small Town

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Presented without comment:

(In a chain bookstore's fiction section)
Woman: "Oh! The books are arranged by last name!
Man, annoyed: What? No they aren't.

Seen on the bumper of a car less than 24 hours after the 2008 presidential election:
(Crude bumper sticker) Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McCain!
(Second crude bumper sticker) Palin-Rumsfeld 2012!

Pseudonym: Since there was a disagreement, how were the books arranged? I've seen many different arrangements in bookstores, including last name, subject and even... date?

Obviously the best method is by color, but it'd still be interesting to know which of these individuals was correct (my money's on the chick).

Eldritch: You are too optimistic. This was the plain old fiction section. Alphabetical by last name. You should have heard the confused disdain that was dripping from this guy's voice. By last name? Preposterous!


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